….. :( missing you ♥

The heart missing someone
would reach for someone
but will never forget the one
who stab the knife of love
in to the peaceful heart
it takes long to heel
it moves like a cart wheel….
even after deserved a good one
but never let go the one
who had hurt the one
who was madly in love
with the other one!

Once again

Sometimes at night,
when I lay down to sleep,
I embrace myself,
I start to think…
Then I imagine
that you lie beside me…
hugs and kisses
all over my body.
I wish you
could really be here,
just to whisper,
“I love you,” in my ear.
I would turn around and say,
“I love you, too.”
But will it ever be true?
So I turn around
and I wonder some more,
still wanting your embrace,
so I close my eyes and picture your face…
I fall asleep dreaming of you.
In my dream it seems so true.
It’s as if I can really feel
your kisses against my lips…
Then my eyes pop open
and you’re nowhere to be seen,
And I feel so lonely
once AGAIN!!!